friedaluke gibson

borden partnership architecture+design

Light Frame 01

Light Frame 02

light frames
materials & applications
silverlake, los angeles

Light Frames is a project founded in material. Beginning with the fundamentals of its capabilities, engaging with a distinct process for generating components, developing systems out of these components, deploying media and representation to confront, challenge and experiment with the formal capabilities, and ultimately deriving form, experience and effect from the collaboration of all of these systems, the methodology comes from an intrinsic dialogue with material making. The project consists of two materially formed structures. The front conduit tower is made of EMT and serves as a shadow generator. The back pneumatic chapel is made of PVC and uses surface geometry to project light. The two sit nestled in quiet conversation in the void of an infill site. The intricacy of the delicate frame replicates a three-dimensional line drawing in space. Two nested elements, create an inner figurative shape and an outer structural one. The doubled figure serves as an effectual generator. As an object, its intention is to produce a cloud of shadow in its wake. The galvanized color reflects the evaporative color of the sky as daylight slowly diminishes at sunset. The effect of light allows for the multiple readings of the figure as it evolves and changes throughout the day under varied light conditions. The result is an immaterial presence. The PVC figure is founded in descriptive geometries: a hybridization of a dome, a vault and an apse. The figure comes from the inter-relationships of each of the forms and the adaptive responses each geometry must make on the other. Embracing the capability of introducing depth to the material through pressure, the welded fabric provides an opportunity to choreograph a panelized, highly variable surface. The projected light effects are possible through the systematization of the material, methods of fabrication, and the effectual experience of the final composition.