Material Precedent

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gail peter borden, RA AIA

borden partnership architecture+design

publications + lectures
Material Precedent: The Typology of Modern Tectonics
John Wiley & Sons ISBN 978-0-470-47729-6
“Material Precedent”
ACSA 2009 National Conference - Portland, Oregon
"99K House Competition
RDA/AIA Houston
ISBN 978-0-615-24589-8
Material Matters
edited by Gail Peter Borden and Michael Meredith
ACSA Press
ISBN 978-0-935502-66-4
"A New Suburbanism: Propositions for Suburban Living"
Expanding Architecture
Bryan Bell, Metropolis Books
"States of Practice"
moderated by Peter Zellner
arcCA 08.1
“99K House Competition” Cite 74: Sacred Space
"Low Country Line House"
ACSA 2008 National Conference Proceedings
"LA Markings"
ACSA 2008 National Conference Proceedings
"Material Influence:
Case Studies in Material as a Design Mechanism
ACSA 2008 National Conference Proceedings
w/ Brian D. Andrews
The Things They've Done
William T. Cannady, Rice University Press
"making the ordinary extraordinary"
Journal of Architectural Education [JAE]
Volume 61:1
Coney Island: The Parachute Pavilion Competition
Zoe Ryan and Jonathan Cohen-Litant: Princeton Architectural Press
Writings - Gail Peter Borden
Lulu Press
Projects - Gail Peter Borden
Lulu Press
Work - Gail Peter Borden
Lulu Press
"[X]perience Mechanisms"
Indian Architect and Builder
vol 20(5) Rs. 100
"Banliyo Yasami Icin 20 Oneri"
Betonart: Beton ve mimarik: Concrete and Architecture
v. 12 p. 69-75
"20 propositions for suburban living"
BEV Magazine: Bird Eye View
issue 7: Cypher Communication
The 21st Century House
Jonathan Bell
Abbeville Press
"Our Suburban "
NCSU College of Design Student Publication
“propositions for suburban living”
UMRAN magazine
05.05 Designing with Models
Criss B. Mills: John Wiley & Sons Press
"suburban domestic morphology"
Jacksonville Contemporary Museum of Art
04.05 Young Architects 6
Princeton Architectural Press
w/ The Architectural League of New York
12.04 The Branch Coloring Book
Branch Gallery, Ltd.
09.04 "relevance: suburban living and the borden partnership"
NCSU College of Design Student Publication Volume 31 - Relevance
07.04 Young Architects Forum 2004
Architectural League of New York
06.04 AIA National Convention
Young Architects Forum - emerging voices panel
05.04 The Home House Project
David Brown: The MIT Press
04.04 Architecture Magazine
"Enclosure House"
03.04 "evolution of suburban living"
washington university in st.louis
02.04 "porch house - propositions in affordable housing"
North Carolina Architecture Magazine
01.04 6 of 20 - propositions for suburban living
international conference for arts and humanities - honolulu, hawaii
12.03 Wallpaper* Magazine
"suburban dreams"
10.03 Architectural Record [october 2003]
“propositions for suburban living”
10.03 weaving a virus - suburban housing
ACSA 2003 central regional conference - muncie, indiana
01.03 “reproduction and the like”
New Cities, New Media - los angeles, ca
12.02 Architectural Record [december 2002]
“extraordinary conceptual projects: - the rubber-banded house”
11.02 “reproduction and the like”
ACSA 2002 west regional conference - san luis obispo, ca
10.02 “17520 hours”
recent work: north carolina state university
04.02 arSYMPOSIUM panelist
NCSU architectural representation symposium
04.02 “suburban®”
ncsu research symposium
04.02 “digital methods: design and media”
ACSA 2002 national conference - new orleans, la
03.02 “retail and southpointe mall”
npr radio1hr. call in show - the state of things with Mary Hartnett
WUNC 91.5 FM
02.02 “spectacle as monument”
ACSA 2002 southeast regional conference - atlanta, ga
01.30.02 “raleigh needs more mix in its mixed-use development”
CASA - Glenwood South - Independent Weekly
10.31.01 “the house of tomorrow for today”
CASA Homes of the Future - Independent Weekly
11.01 “reflection and recent works”
lecture north carolina state university - raleigh, nc
09.01 “big box development”
npr radio interview - "the state of things with Mary Hartnett"
WUNC 91.5 FM
09.01 “suburban anywhere house”
ACSA 2001 central regional conference - lawrence, ks
06.01 “suburban placelessness and identity”
ACSA 2001 international conference - istanbul, turkey
04.01 “blobs, wiggles, folds and distortions”
ARCC spring 2001 conference - blacksburg, va
03.01 “suburban placelessness and identity”
international making cities livable - savannah, ga
07.29.99 “eye-popping art at green street”
Boston Globe
07.30.99 “retinal fetish is a feast for the eyes and mind”
Boston Herald