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The Ricketts Studio emerged as a response to place. Designed during and artist in residency in the Fall of 2010 at the prestigious MacDowell Colony, the studio emerged as an extension of a small existing gazebo. Sited, named and donated by a former artist that cherished the majesty of that particular site, the architecture did not match the majesty of the place. This need along with the philosophical desire to bring modernity to the avant-garde complex that supports the cutting edge of all arts, the studio provided an opportunity to offer an architectural work that matched the ambition of the institution. Engulfing the entire building is a four sided canopy of misters. Variably controllable, the field emits a delicate spray of water. Deployable by side, intensity, frequency and temperature, the water becomes an active facilitator from both outside and in. As a cooling system, a cloud, a veil, a privacy screen or a wall, the infrastructure responds to the occupant and the weather. Temperature changes the effect allowing the full spectrum from rainbow mist to ice. The collective composition is a enigmatic foil of and collaboration with place.