low country line
This project examines the influence of material on architecture through the Low-Country Line House in North Georgia. This project illustrates how a vernacular material and building construction influences design. Examining the influence of: form, cost, methods of construction, fabrication of product, installation of materials, structural and aesthetic performance, ecological and sustainable impact, and spatial/light/visual impact this project provides an analytical process for the implementation of the potential of a material. The Low Country Line house emerges from the climatic conditions of a rural north Georgia site. Desiring to have a limited impact on the landscape and be a self-sufficient building, the project sits lightly and responds formally and materially to environmental conditions. As an adjustable machine, the house operates to regulate use and performance. This project emerges from a sensibility founded in material celebration. It works within the guidelines of a material’s performance, modularity, structural capabilities, formal presence and emotive power to produce an architecture that is of a material. As a case study it represents a material methodology founded in architecture of material influence.