light frames installation - los angeles, ca
image exterior
modern inflatable materials and applications
axo diagram light frames model building
interior detail inflatable detail
This is a project founded in material. Begun with the fundamentals of its capabilities; engaged with a distinct process for generating components; developing systems out of these components; deploying media and representation to confront, challenge and experiment with the formal capabilities; and ultimately deriving form, experience and effect from the collaboration of all of these systems, the methodology comes from an intrinsic dialogue with making. This project is an engagement of material geometry, and the deployment of these tectonics to generate a light space experience. The front figure of the conduit tower holds the urban edge while sitting delicately on the ground. The two nested figures provide a double density moiré effect of the superimposed frames. The galvanized surface plays with the light, evaporating yet leaving the densities of the shadow field below. The first figure is about the shadow of presence. As one ascends the existing steps and slides past the fountain, the pneumatic chapel reaches out its entry. The transparent surface of the outer skin reveals the complexity of the inner figure. The geometry evolves from a conical entry into a bent barrel vault connecting an apsidal end and a chimney vaulted dome. The primal architectural elements, clad in a parametrically controlled PVC, reinterprets the shape while providing referential glimpses to historical architectural forms.