la markings
lifeguard model
lifeguard model
lifeguard sketch lifeguard rendering railcar model railcar sketch
railcar rendering
billboard model billboard rendering powerlines sketch
powerlines rendering
The marking sites are those leftover moments, engineered into the fabric but otherwise forgotten. Each site is intrinsically compromised, but through this compromise comes the potential for its exaltation. These markings are moments with the city that provide for the statement of individual and re-appropriation of moments thought lost to the broader networks of controlling interests. Thus these moments do not interfere with the systems they piggy back upon or even confront their host - they simply join and adhere and through this juxtaposition find a collaboration. These sites are all a product of coming to a new city that is so full and so costly yet at the same time so open. These moments of development within the city remain and opportunity for architects to address these fragments of open poche and find opportunity in the scraps - the margins. These designs are marks on their forgotten surfaces -installations and appropriations that maintain the “there” and context but suggest a new “their” for program and ownership. Lodged within every city are the infrastructures that provide its presence. Linked to transportation, safety, commerce, energy, water, and utilities - these infrastructures provide the necessities of the fabric. Each marking occurs upon a specific moment but these moments are within the broader repetition of their systems. Issues of scale and density are determined by need and geography. Each network develops differently.