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la liner rendering la liner model la liner model la liner model la liner model la liner rendering
Hollywood Boulevard is founded upon image. The LAForum Liner responds to the iconic imagery of place through reflection. The front facade takes off-the-shelf mirrors [MINDE mirrors from Ikea] as standard inexpensive units and deploys them with variable angles to produce a highly dynamic visual surface. The reflection becomes a fractal array of the context. The wall opens in its entirety through two doors to revel an inner display liner. A smaller left door that hinges out holds a three-dimensional frame box while the large door has a center pivot that swings into the setback of the existing storefront wall. These walls fully open or shield the front face of the space. When open the walls engage the sidewalk as signage, display surface, and mirror images of the passer-by. Two elements are visible at pedestrian level: a two dimensional surface to house signage for the local show/event and a three dimensional thickened wall box to house objects or serve as a framed view through the reflective wall and into the gallery proper. These flexible infrastructures display and entice the passerby even when the facility is closed. A light field of 1’ standard fluorescent light fixtures has variable color bulbs to spell out LAFORUM in orange amidst a field of white light. This flexible system has the opportunity to spell a variety of words by simply repositioning the colored bulbs. At night this illuminated sign adds to the mystique and image of Hollywood Boulevard.