intensity frames installation - pacific design center, west hollywood, ca
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Founded in the relationship of material to form and their affect on space, this project will be an extension of a series of materially generated environments. These projects will explore the perception and experience of space, light, and form as the matter through which people perceive their everyday visual environment. This proposal will extend a trajectory focused on the relation of modular unitized construction and the segmental form of gravitational shapes. A series of iterative experimental triangulated structures will individually occupy each planter. Specifically formed, they will collectively produce a conversational dialogue between them. Thrusting outward, a series of graduated, variably densified and triangulated figures will stand delicately on the existing planters. Each is unique in form, but collectively consistent in material and evolutionary density. A visible network of triangulated geometric relationships governed by the laws of gravity and material stiffness, will all be instigated through the archetypal architectural forms of dome, plane, cone and arch. Each will be fabricated out of delicate piano wire, soldered in graduated modular pieces and painted in a color gradient chromatically mapping the structural forces. Transitioning from pink to red to purple, the density of the members will be mimicked in its color. Prefabricated and individually delivered [via a standard pick up truck] to the site, the lightweight structures create large volumes through their segmented lines. The gravitational thrust of the faceted figures will compliment and brace against the continuous curved weight of the concrete planter. Each form is determined through descriptive geometries. As evolutionary synthesized archetypal forms, they have legacy and history embedded in their hybridized forms. The five forms include: [1] a four arch based walled enclosure joined by an inner dome; [2] a three legged stacked double dome; [3] a three columned tabled surface; [4] a domed shell; and [5] a spanning arch with erupting columns. These forms serve simultaneously as objects and shadow generators. Artificial and natural illumination allow for an ever-changing multiplicity of shadow projections.