future lunch party
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The proposition to augment the highly constructed and orchestrated landscapes within Woodland Hills’ idyllic grounds is answered through a temporary presence of instigation. A diffused composition, challenging the site by revealing latent forces and natural systems, the collection works collaboratively and individually address discrete environmental factors. Seven pavilions, each constructed out of 1/2” variably triangulated galvanized conduit, array across the site. Independently stabilized, structurally optimized, they set as forms defined by the relationship of material to force. A simple but clean bolted connection allows for material optimization through a streamlined morphology. Their reflective surface makes them bounce and dissolve with light. Their geometry regulates their presence but doubles with their shadow. Object and field are equalized through the density of their frame. The installation works as individual elements and a collective composition. They are experienced and discovered through time, assembled through memory and engaged through the primal senses. The touch of the tickling arch; the temperature of the three legged shadow; the wind of the vaulting spire; the colored light and time of the transitional dome; the event of the three legged feeder; the rest and ornamental objectification of the stair lounger; and the reflective perception of the water prism. They are each about experience of one’s place understood through the bodily perception of oneself.