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As a part of the New Sculpturalism show at MOCA, a selection of voices defining the next generation of Los Angeles architecture were invited to design an experimental pavilion for the show. Furlined was one of these pavilions. The legacy of form is derived from the material nature of its tectonics. Building on the postmodernist independence of skin from structure as a disengaged relationship that is core to Los Angeles architecture, the pavilion accelerates the condition. Three layers, each with their own material and manufacturing technology, engage and push the Gehry methodology of a differentiated skin and structural system. Independently defined and formed components, tasked with varied experiences, the dialogue between the elements generates a new and dynamic conversation. Synthesizing the intention of the fold with the geometry and materiality of pop art, minimalism and geometric abstraction originating in Southern California in the 1960s, the pavilion emerges from the tectonics of place aligned through the lineage of architectural thought. Refocused on light and space, the form and material become dynamic players in their conversation.