density frames installation - usc, los angeles, california
inflatable gail
inflatable usc photo
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The Density Frames installation is the iterative cousin of Light Frames. Deploying the same two doppelganger parts: a new transparent levitating inflatable and a iterative variably triangulated structure; the relationship evolved from a planametric adjacency to a sectional relationship. Stacked and interpenetrating, the structures negotiate the courtyard of the modernist religious center. Expanding the chapel, engaging the stair and courtyard, and consistently responding to the light and views of their experiential associations the inflatable expands to fill the void. The lower variably triangulated frame is formed through a combination of structural necessity and site based constraint along with spatial goals. As a shallow dome with an ocular void [filled by the penetrating inflatable] the north wall edges the stair and sits on an existing cast in place concrete planter wall. Matching the height of the stair landing, the frame folds in the space to create a lattice ceiling that lands on two figurative legs flanking and framing the chapel. The collective table form serves to catch the deflated drape of the inflatable figure when turned off.