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The desire of this design is founded in material efficiency, functional multiplicity, clarity of tectonic systemization, and an aesthetic celebration of the intrinsic form and beauty of plywood. Developed as a chair and a bookcase simultaneously, the intention was to provide both the storage for, and a seat in which to read, books. Divided into three systems, there is [1] a cockpit chair that has an adjustable angle of repose and uses a compressive slotted connection, [2] a structural frame and cover/cloak that uses a fingered connection, and [3] an infill shelving system that deploys a pegged connection. The 237 books complete the remainder of the composition. Focused on sustainability, the chair is materially efficient using over 90% of the 4’x8’ sheet of plywood. Based on the hybrid dimensions of Le Corbusier’s infamous leather and metal LC2 chair and the flat pack limitations of a single sheet of plywood, the chair bookcase bookcase chair acts as a delicate lattice when empty and a dominant cube when full. The tectonic to provide for perpetual assembly and disassembly without tools deploys three connection types to articulate each of the systems. Milled with the precision of a CNC, but with a simplicity of connection so that pieces only fit in one configuration, the chair requires no instructions or tools.